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South Park Zone - Bigger Longer And Uncut(Part 1)

Bigger Longer And Uncut (part 2)
Description about the South Park Movie:
South Park is a peaceful and quiet town until the Terrence and Phillip movie "Asses Of Fire" hits the theaters. Once that happens, all friggin' hell breaks loose. After all the kids see the movie, they begin using all the foul and naughty language used in the movie. When the parents discover this, they demand war against Canada. The parents plan to execute Terrence and Phillip. After Kenny gets sent to hell (all thanks to Cartman), he overhears Satan and Saddam Hussien plan to rise to Earth to rule for 2,000,000 years of torture once Terrence and Phillip's blood touches US soil. Will Cartman's filthy f.....g mouth and V-Chip save the day?

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SouthParkFan said...

Great Movie :)

Anonymous said...

uncle fucker